Everything new in iOS 17

iOS 17 Preview

Apple recently revealed all in their upcoming iOS 17 update. It is expected to become publicly available some time in September, alongside the reveal of the new iPhone and other devices during their summer reveals.

Here’s some of the standout features from iOS 17 which you can expect…

StandBy Mode

StandBy is puts your device into a low power mode, and shows customisable information such as a clock, the weather, or basic information from the same widgets which are available on the home screen. StandBy can show incoming notifications, and other information. This mode could be used to replace an alarm clock if paired with a phone charging stand, as shown in the image above, making it seamless to turn off the alarm, grab your phone, and start your day.

AirDrop Upgrades

AirDrop is being improved, allowing you to share contacts, photos, videos, and more all from a quick tap of your phone to theirs. This improves on the previous method of having to select from a menu who you want to send the info to if you were sat next to the person at the time.

iOS 17 brings in “NameDrop” which will allow the sharing of contacts, simply by tapping the phones with each other. This can be the full contact, just the phone number, or the email.


Journal is a new app which automatically brings photos, music, and location, & more, all together from each day to give an outline of your day. Users are able to add notes and memories to these automatically generated days, as well as edit them to their liking. Apple claims that machine learning is used to build an understanding of how you like your journal to be, and make it more tailored to your preferences.

For anyone who is active, and a traveller, this will be a perfect addition to their phone, being able to make and share the memories which they have made each day with others.

Offline Maps

For the first time, Apple are allowing the downloading of certain sections of maps with Apple Maps. This has been possible with other maps such as Google Maps, for quite some time, but nevertheless, this is a welcome feature if you are going to be going somewhere with limited or no GPS signal or data.

And More…

We’ve listed just some of the major updates which have been introduced with iOS 17 so far, there are plenty of other smaller changes and updates to make iOS 17 the best version of iOS yet.

A full list of all new iOS 17 features can be found on Apple’s website: apple.com/uk/ios/ios-17-preview/